Four Easy Steps to Get Your Job Done on Field Engineer

Field Engineer is an online and app-driven, on-demand workforce of experienced and available telecom and network engineers and technicians. Specialized talent that is available for immediate assignment.

How do I get my first engineering job?

Landing that first engineering job after graduation may be one of the most difficult things accomplished over the course of a career. Even though a fledgling engineer may have successfully completed internships, attended career fairs, and essentially done all of the right things college career counselors recommended to help find that job, it just might not be there after graduation.

So now the job search begins. The first thing to note is that finding the right job is more than simply searching for postings online and emailing a resume. The job search is a process and often times a frustrating one. The process involves research, outreach, follow-up, and dogged determination.

Here are a few additional tips that might help recent graduates in searching for that first engineering job. Keep Your Resume Up to Date. Network with Colleagues, Family, and Friends. Tap into Your Alumni Association. Work Part Time/Volunteer. Identify Companies of Interest. Expand Your Opportunities. Don't Get Discouraged.

Field Engineer Freelance Marketplace will further help students build promising careers in the engineering field.

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