What is VMware??

VMware is a publicly operated software virtualization company founded in 1998. It created a strong phase for virtualization which empowered the digital workspace. It provides cloud computing and different software & applications for virtualization.

VMware Products are classified into two types:

VMware Desktop Applications VMware Server Applications VMware Desktop Applications: Desktop applications have compatibility with major OS’s. It provides three desktop applications.

VMware Workstation: This application allows users to install & run multiple copies or instances of the same OS or different operating systems on the same computer. Vmware Player: This is specially designed for Mac users. It provides additional compatibility for all the VMware products. Vmware Fusion: This product gave an opportunity for those who do not have licensed Vmware products. This is a freeware, which is meant for personal usage. VMware Server Applications: Vmware software hypervisors meant for servers are metal embedded hypervisors that can run on servers without the need of additional primary Operating System. Below are the server software applications:

Vmware ESX Server: This is an enterprise level solution. This helps in less system overhead. It is integrated with vCenter, which helps in the consistency of server APPS. VMware ESXi Server: It is similar to the ESX server, the only difference is the service console is replaced with BusyBox? installation. VMware Server: It's a freeware software which can be used over an existing OS. The pace of virtualization not only transformed the digital workspace but also created a lot of scope for vmware certified professionals (https://www.fieldengineer.com/skills/vmware-certified-professional-6-network-virtualization), in addition to this there are several technology combinations with VMware available in today's job market such as VMware NSX engineer, VMware solutions architect, vmware engineer (https://www.fieldengineer.com/skills/vmware-engineer) ,etc….

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