Below are the major benefits businesses has experienced after using SD-WAN:

Power the agility for the business, given the rapid deployment of WAN services to remote offices. And this happened without the need to send IT personnel. Elasticity in the bandwidth, since it can be added or reduced easily depending on the needs of the business. It facilitates the saving of the bandwidth and make sure connection to the Internet is available easily and quickly deploy-able. And also with much lower costs than the equivalent in MPLS networks. Software Defined WAN offers the reliability and security benefits of WAN services at the “Internet price.” It provides an architecture optimized for cloud. Because it eliminates the inconveniences and traditional penalties of MPLS networks and equates the security and performance. And also connectivity between the office and the cloud. This connectivity is considerably improves the experience of users in remote offices, when they are using SaaS applications. It facilitates the migration to hybrid networks. Most distributed organizations have MPLS deployed in remote offices. Companies can deploy SD-WAN solutions without changing existing networks. It allows the automation of traffic management when prioritizing traffic. The key is to provide network managers with easy-to-use tools for prioritizing features. And that to automate changes in traffic flows based on actual network conditions.

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